Who doesn’t like the feel of getting into a bed made with crisp fresh bed sheets? Or the professional look a crease free shirt gives you? With the right iron and steamer, the creases will easily fall out of all your laundry, leaving you with clothes and bed linen to be proud of.  Irons can range from a basic steam iron, which is affordable and great for quick ironing, to a steam generator iron which pumps out more steam, making light work of heavy creases. If you are going to be away from home, travel irons are a compact solution to ironing on the go. Clothes presses are great for larger surfaces like sheets, but if you want to quickly iron delicate and fiddly clothes, like blouses with detail, a steamer is the answer. Plus, there is the added plus of not needing an ironing board.  When picking your steam iron or steamer there are many features to look out for – let our guide help you pick the right iron for you.

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