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If you want to get adventurous in the kitchen, or just make something a bit special for your friends and family, our small kitchen appliances will help you create these. Saving you time and effort, plus they can help you with the trickier parts of a dish, and with automatic times, you can also multi task, and get the meals on the table like magic.

Breadmakers will kneed and prove the dough automatically, and then do the baking for you giving you a fresh loaf to be proud of. Rice cookers mean you will always have perfect rice – not soggy, hard or even overcooked. Slow cookers can be set before you leave the house, meaning you can come home to a cooked meal, and multi cookers are slow cookers and pressure cookers in one, so can speed up cooking, and great for batch cooking. If you are making some healthier dishes, or want to cook the fish and vegetables all in one go, electric steamers will make a meal in one go without any added fat. However, if you are looking to fry anything, but are worried about how hot to heat the oil, a fryer will take the guess work away. Soup making machines chop, cook and blend for you so you can just put the ingredients in and go, and for desserts, invest in an ice-cream maker that can also create great sorbets and healthy frozen yogurts.

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