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Whatever you want to create in the kitchen, you will need the right equipment. Our range of small cooking appliances has everything you need from the traditional to speciality. Slow cookers allow you to create a hearty meal with ease, simply put the ingredients in and let the slow cooker do the rest. Creating a delicious meal ready for when you come home from work has never been easier, we have many options to choose from including Crock-Pot and Morphy Richards slow cookers. We also have rice cookers, multicookers and fryers to make any cooking quick and easy. If you are into creating your own food from scratch, how about a soup maker, we even have ice-cream makers if you crave something a little more cooler and sweeter, experiment with flavours to create your perfect ice cream. 

First thing in the morning, can be a rushed time, but we all need to make time for breakfast. If you are running late, then a slice of toast is better than nothing; we have a great range of toasters, from smaller 2 slice models to larger 4 slice options. Ranging in different colours and designs from traditional to futuristic. 

Nowadays a microwave is an essential part of the kitchen. Microwave ovens can be used to quickly heat up leftovers but can also cook ready meals perfectly. We have a wide range of microwaves including built in and combination models, from all the top manufactures including Panasonic and Russell hobbs microwaves

If you are interested in making your food from scratch, then have a look at a bread maker. We have products, which include different programmes for different bread types, meaning you can create white, whole wheat and sweet loaves, as well as pizza dough and brioches. Our range includes products from Cookworks as well as Panasonic bread makers, and come in a wide range of designs, each of them sharp and professional looking.

Sometimes we all crave a bit of fried food. A deep fat fryer means you can create your own authentic fish and chips in the comfort of your home. For a healthier option have a look at an Actifry. Actifry uses hot air to circulate around the food to give the crunch and feel of fried food without the additional calories, you've got to love technology!