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Rural retreat

Think cosy country cottage. Woodland inspired designs and classic check prints on a backdrop of hearty wooden furniture.

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Urban escape

Like the Scandi look? We've warmed up its cool, contemporary aesthetic for winter by bringing in warmer blush tones and a touch of faux fur.

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Midnight Opulence

Deep, dark and decadent. This luscious look features velvet textures and a rich jewel colour palette, elevating your bedroom to boudoir status.

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Everyday Luxury

Simple, clean but oh-so-inviting. A minimalist grey base sets the scene for plush textures, chrome finishes and luxe accessories.

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More looks we love...

All grey

Contemporary, cool and a modern classic - you can introduce colour with accessories.

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A little mustard

It's the shade du jour - looks great with grey colour schemes.

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Velvet dreams

Soooo soft. Go bold with a plush bed, or just a touch with accessories.

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Faux fur feels

Unbelievably soft and cosy - snuggle up into a winter staple.

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Accessories please!

Accessories please!

Let's talk storage

And we don't mean floor-drobes (or chair-drobes for that matter). It's easy to let your bedroom become out of order, but luckily with some smart storage ideas it's just as easy to get it tidy.

Bedroom sets

Matchy matchy. An easy way to boost your storage space and update your decor. Neat.

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Mirrored furniture

Room feeling cramped? Not much light? Reflective storage brightens your space.

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Storage beds

We're a fan. They look smart while secretly concealing bedding, suitcases, clothes...

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Caught onto the clothes rail?

All hail. They're loved on Insta for their minimalist aesthetic - you can keep your 'edited' capsule wardrobe on show (we won't mention your 2 other closets of clothes if you don't).

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More hiding places

More hiding places.

Sleep zone

A new bed (and don't forget the mattress) is an investment in your sleep quality as well as your bedroom style. And it's not just the bed where the magic happens - we're talking blackout blinds and soothing scents too.

Favourite bed styles...

You need to know about now. See our edit of the dreamiest frames.

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New duvet designs

Look great? Tick. Super soft. Tick. Give the ultimate fresh sheet feeling... where do we sign?

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Space-saving beds

Small doubles, minimalist styles and some with storage - all picked for bijou bedrooms.

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Can't sleep?

You're not alone. But thankfully there's usually an easy fix. Blackout blinds, a better mattress or some soothing scents - read on for sleep-easy solutions.

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100 night comfort promise

Choosing a mattress shouldn't keep you up all night. If you're not sleeping soundly on your new mattress, you can exchange it within the first 100 days.

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More sleep essentials

More sleep essentials.

More ideas...

Did you spot it?

We've cleverly merged two of our favourite things: photo wall and boxset in bed. This mounted TV becomes part of the gallery by day - so clever.

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Dressed to impress

Not got the space for a dressing table? Think again. This slim-legged lovely taps into this much coveted Scandi style and won't take up too much floor space.

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Reading corner

Create a little spot for settling into a book or your favourite magazine. A cosy armchair fits traditional bedroooms - we've opted for a sleek seat for this modern room.

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