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Dogs are man's best friend, so treat them like yours too with Argos' supply of dog gear. Whether they're new to the home, or already an important part of the pack, we stock everything you need to keep your hound happy and healthy. Give your canine companion a comfy place to sleep and keep those pesky paws off the sofas with their own bed. Show off their identity with a collar and take them bounding around town on a lead so they don't go sniffing out any trouble. And, while you're out, take a few dog toys to play with and make your walks full of fun and activities. From food to training, Argos has the lot. 

If you're an animal lover, then why not browse the rest of our pet supplies. Keep your kitty comfortable with our wide range of cat products including cat beds, cat flaps, cat toys and cat litter trays. Stop them from clawing at the couch with a cat scratching post, and give you pets a place to be part of.