Best fans for cooling your home

Our guide to electric fans

One of the easiest ways to keep cool during the warmer months is to use fans throughout your home. From desktop and tower units to fans that work like air conditioners, there are many ways to beat the heat. Find the best one for your living space with our handy guide.

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Types of fans

Not sure what size or type of fan you need? Here’s a brief overview of the different options available.

Desk fans

This type of fan is designed for personal cooling. It’s compact enough to be placed on top of a desk or table, making it ideal for home offices and smaller spaces.

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Standing fans

These floor fans sit on an adjustable stand. Many feature tilt and swivel functionality, allowing you to direct the airflow to where it’s needed most.

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Tower fans

Tower fans have tall and narrow bodies, which take up very little space. Typically, they move more air around than other floor fans, so can cool a whole room.

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Ceiling fans

A ceiling fan circulates still air to create a cooling, indoor breeze. They work particularly well in rooms with high ceilings and sometimes come with lights built in.

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How do bladeless fans work?

A bladeless fan works similar to a vacuum but in reverse ‚Äď it pushes out air instead of sucking it in. Built inside the body of these fans is an electric motor that pulls air in through small vents in the base. The air is then forced upwards to the circular ring section of the fan, where it is pushed out at high speeds.

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Features to look for

Any fan will provide a cooling breeze, but some offer more advanced features. Certain units can be controlled through your smartphone, while others have sleep timers and auto shut-off functions. Here’s some of the key features to look out for.

Speed settings

Most fans offer at least three speed settings, ranging from light breeze to a more powerful blast of air.

Remote control

A remote control gives you the ability to directly control the functions of a fan from anywhere in a room.


An adjustable timer lets you programme a fan to run for a preset period of time before switching off.


Instead of blowing air in one direction, oscillating fans swing back and forth to evenly distribute air around a room.

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Quiet fans for bedrooms

The whirling noise that some fans make can be a distraction, especially if they’re operating in a quiet space like a bedroom. Luckily, there are a number of models designed with quietness in mind. These fans circulate air as silently as possible, so you can run them all night without disturbing your sleep.

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Fans that heat and cool

Some fans combine heating as well as cooling capabilities into a single unit. These fans draw in air from around a room, and release it back, either as heated air or as a cool high-powered breeze. The main benefit of this type of fan is that it can be used all year round.

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Other ways to cool your home

Air conditioner units

If you require more cooling power than an electric fan provides, then you may want to opt for a portable air conditioner instead. This type of air conditioner requires no installation and can be moved from room to room with ease. It works by blowing a continuous stream of cold air into a room, reducing the temperature to a comfortable level.

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