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Home office ideas

Home office ideas

Whether you’re looking to set-up a full-on business at home, or just need somewhere to crack on with projects in peace and quiet, your work space should match your ambitions. Here’s our hints and hacks for creating a productive and creative office area at home.

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Our home office hacks

1. Choose your spot

A home office can be a whole room, or a compact corner somewhere quiet. If you’re setting up a work space in a spare bedroom or garage, you’re likely to have more room for furniture and storage. If you’re using a desk in the corner of a living room or kitchen you’ll probably have less space to play with, but there’s plenty of clever hacks to help you make the most of that space.

2. Cull the clutter

Clutter equals distractions - and - procrastination is the enemy of productivity. Adopting a clean and clear approach to your home office can help you focus on the task at hand. This can keep your mind on the job and less likely to…hey, what’s that over there!

3. Simple storage

You’ll need somewhere to keep all of that off-putting clutter. You could show you really mean business with a filing cabinet or desk drawers, or think outside the box with some smart shelving or woven print boxes. It all depends on the theme you want to create.

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4. Smart shelving

If your office is in a small room or corner of your home, you might not have space for any storage units or cabinets. In this case, some space-saving shelves could be just the ticket. Adding some stylish, savvy shelving is a great way to stay organised and clutter-free, without taking up tonnes of space.

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5. Take away the tech

No, we’re not talking about a laptop. The most likely culprits feeding your procrastination is the TV or smartphone. So if your home office is in a room with a TV, keep it turned off, and why not keep your phone away from the desk so you’re less likely to be swayed by social media.

6. Sparky surroundings

Engage your brain with off the wall accessories and room decorations. Splashes of bright colour, inspirational wall art and unique desk items are all ways to add some life to an otherwise neutral office space. Ideal for getting your creative juices flowing.

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7. Inspired ideas

Take your best ideas from your head and visualise them in your office space. Add a corkboard for post-it sticking sessions, or let your imagination flourish with a whiteboard. Don’t let those lightbulb moments go to waste!

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8. Get some greenery

An office is as far from nature as you can get, right? Flip that idea on its head and spruce up your space with some real or artificial plants. Bringing the outside in can add calm and harmony to any space, but in a working environment it can help your concentration and productivity.

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9. Blend it in

Office furniture shouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb. If your work area is a corner of your living room or kitchen, you can create a space that matches the rest of the room. Try using the same colour palette and choose furniture that’s not exclusively for an office – creating a space that’s multifunctional too.

10. Bookworm

Having space for books in your office gives you expert advice and inspiration at your fingertips. If you want some time away from the screen, grab a book from the shelf to keep the research going with less strain on your eyes. It’s always handy to have a dictionary to hand too!

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