Fancy dress

Let your imaginations run wild

Costumes for babies, kids and adults in a range of fun fancy dress themes

Let your imaginations run wild.

Why buy clothing at Argos?

Admit it - everyone likes putting a costume on every so often, even if to you that means an extra fancy tie on Fridays at work. For those more flamboyant occasions or World Book Day costumes, check out our adult fancy dress costumes, created to the highest quality with characters from brands like Disney and Harry Potter. However, the finest purveyor of fancy dress outfits has to be the kids. We may be bemused by their ability to wear full Spiderman costume to the shops without any hint of embarrassment, but really, we’re just jealous.

Play make believe at home easily with items like dressing up shoes and children’s makeup - the perfect way to get them experimenting with colour and expressing their identity. Next up are fancy dress wigs, pretty much guaranteed to get a laugh out of any little one who’s thrown a tantrum or is giving you the silent treatment.

Nowhere near as much fun - but, arguably, a far more important item of kids’ clothing - is the school uniforms. Whether they need a standard navy set, or something a little more unusual like yellow or pink, we’ve got you covered. There’s so much more choice than there was back in the day. Now we’ve got the children sorted, how about perusing our ranges of men’s clothing and women’s clothing?