Whether you're a car enthusiast or you're just looking for a few bits of kit that'll make those long journeys easier and more comfortable, our wide range of car equipment and accessories means you're sure to find it here. If you don't have a sat nav then you might consider a phone holder so you can use your mobile for directions instead. We also have travel kits, perfect to help keep you safe on longer road trips, as well as all sorts of car equipment from cleaning and maintenance to tyre inflators and seat covers. 

Heading off with the children for a week or two away? Holidaying in the UK countryside is the perfect opportunity to get out and about as a family, so take a look at our car bike racks which will let you fit up to three or four bikes. The kids will probably want a few snacks for the journey, so car seat covers are a good idea to keep your vehicle clean, while one of our roof boxes will help you to maximise on space inside your car. 

There's never a good time for your car to have a flat battery, particularly if you're away on holiday, so make sure you've always got juice with a car battery charger. If you're planning on going abroad for a while and leaving the car at home, our car covers will keep your car covered and completely protected from the elements. 

If you want to make sure your car is looking its best, why not consider some slick new wheel trims? And one of our high-power car polishers will help you buff your way towards a brilliant finish for your car.