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Need to stock up on some things for changing and bath time? You’re in the right place. Our range of bathing and changing products contains all the essentials parents need to keep their babies clean and happy.

A baby changing unit is ideal for a nursery to give you a clean and hygienic place to change your baby or get them ready in the morning or after a bath. With plenty of storage space they let you keep all the things you need on hand, like nappies and wipes. And for changing on the go have a look at our range of babies changing bags, which help you keep everything organised when you’re out and about with baby.

For bath time we have plenty of baby bath toys to keep children happy and entertained while you’re doing the boring part of cleaning them and shampooing hair. A floating boat is a classic bath toy and you’ll find plenty of options in our range, including ones featuring beloved cartoon characters. Be sure to stock up on baby towels as well for when they are ready to get dried off and dressed. Soft materials that are kind to delicate skin help to get the dry and keep them warm, and many baby towels also have hoods to dry hair and keep them warm.

You’ll find plenty of baby clothes to choose from, including multipacks of grows and baby sleepsuits (because you can never have enough of them), as well as cute outfits for boys and girls, pyjamas, and all the other essentials.

Baby blankets are another must have item, useful for bedtime, keeping them warm in the pram or the car, and even for serving as a changing mat in a pinch. Stock up, because you’ll need them!