Bathing and changing

Everything you need to change your baby

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Potty training

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Why buy at Argos?

There's no denying that looking after a little one can be hard work - and things can certainly get a little messy at times - but with our comprehensive bathing and changing range, you're at least sure to find everything you need to make sure bathing your baby is a breeze, and changing them is always as easy as can be. Browse our full collection for an array of practical products designed to make things as simple and efficient as possible, leaving you with more time for fun and play with your bundle of joy. When it comes to bathing your little one, an ergonomic baby bath support really is a must-have; one of these will cradle your baby to keep them secure, comfortable and safe - while giving you two free hands to get them squeaky clean in no time. Meanwhile, our range of bath toys is just the thing to make bathtime more fun for your baby and help them to enjoy bathtime. 

Baby changing

It goes without saying that baby changing is no parent's favourite task, but you've come to exactly the right place for just what you need to change your little one as quickly and easily as possible. Why not check out our range of changing tables and units for starters? These really are a must have in your home so you've got a dedicated surface on which to change your baby. Our designs are simple to assemble and many of them feature plenty of handy extra storage space and trays to keep all your essentials right where you want them, including necessities like baby wipes and nappies too. 

And when it comes to nappies, if you're after a reusable option that's cost-effective, economical and environmentally friendly, then consider our great quality Paw Patrol reusable nappies. These are so easy to use and with adjustable poppers and velcro fastenings, they've been designed to grow with your little one from birth right through until it's time for potty training. Their super soft absorbent fabric means your baby will always be comfortable wearing these - and we have an array of handy multi-packs to choose from. 

You'll want to take a look at our selection of nappy bins too. After all, there's enough to think about when bringing up a baby without also having to worry about smelly odours too, and these are just the thing to keep your home smelling fresh, no matter how many nappy changes you're making! Check out our Tommee Tippee nappy bins featuring an anti-bacterial, multi-layer film and a smart lid to kill germs and keep bad smells locked in. Some of our designs can hold as many as 30 nappies so, saving you the trouble of constantly heading back and forth to the bin outside. 

Time with your little one is precious, so you'll no doubt want to get out and about with your baby whenever you can - but when it comes to changing them outside of the home, something you definitely won't want to be without is one of our ultra-practical yet stylish changing bags. We have a great range from leading brands including Badabulle, Cuggl and My Babiie - and whichever you choose, you'll have the perfect place and plenty of pockets to keep all your baby essentials in one place while you're on the move. We know that taking care of your baby won't always be tidy, so our designs are made from easy-to-clean, waterproof materials - while the inclusion of a changing mat means you'll always have a clean surface on which to change your little one, wherever you are. 

Potty and toilet training

If your baby is ready to leave nappies behind them, we've got you covered when it comes to potty training with everything you'll need to make the process as quick and easy as possible. Take a look at our range of potties for plenty of options; we even have some fun and colourful themed options featuring favourites like Thomas the Tank Engine, which are bound to encourage your little one to potty train with no problem. They'll even hear sound effects and the theme tune as a reward for when they've done what they need to do! Consistency is key when it comes to potty training; you'll want to make sure your little one is using the potty every time they've got to go, so check out our lightweight portable designs for potty training on the move.

Baby bathing 

When it comes to bathing your little one, our ergonomic, specially designed baby baths are without doubt the perfect place to do it. We've got something to suit all requirements and every budget, including ultra-affordable basic designs which, while simple, still provide the ideal cocoon shape to ensure your child feels secure at bathtime. But why not consider our versatile digital options? These will reliably display the temperature of the bath water to ensure it's safe for your little one - and with built-in scales, you can also weigh your little one while they're in the bath! Make sure your baby is dry and warm in no time with our super soft baby towels. You can't go wrong with pure cotton, but how about our bamboo fabric swaddle robe designs? These are ultra-absorbent and with wings and a tie belt too, your little one will be seriously snuggly. 

Baby clothing 

When you're a parent, it can sometimes seem like you're forever changing your little one's clothes - especially during those first few months - so we know the importance of quality, great value baby clothes. We have an amazing range of stylish designs for boys and girls alike, whatever the season, including an array of affordable multi-packs to make life a little easier. With a few of these in your baby's wardrobe, you'll always have a fresh change at the ready - while our quality cotton rich fabrics will ensure your baby is comfortable and content.