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The daily routine of bathing and changing your baby can be a special bonding moment for you both. As well as getting them clean, bath time can be fun with a game using their favourite bath toy. It can also help relax baby and get them ready for sleep. Once they're changed and feeling fresh in their new baby clothes, you can keep them cosy with their favourite baby blankets as they settle down. They'll be in a state of bedtime bliss in no time.

For full-of-beans moments, browse our range of baby toys to keep them occupied while you get on with jobs around the house. If you've got a little wriggler who won't stay still, try a baby bouncer. The rocking motion is soothing, and lets little ones entertain themselves.

When you're out and about, a lightweight stroller is easy to handle and keeps your baby comfy and safe. Many models have plenty of storage for babies' changing bags. Because no one likes to be caught short in a nappy change emergency.

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