Keeping your garden in great shape can take quite a lot of work - but with our brilliant selection of garden sheds and storage, you’ll have all the room you need to store your gardening tools and ensure your garden looks stunning all year round! From charming, rustic wooden sheds to sturdy plastic styles and durable metal designs, we’ve got you covered with a wide array of options. If you’ll be storing some tools which are on the expensive side, it’s worth getting a padlock for your garden shed to ensure they’re kept safe and secure.

If you’ve got a small courtyard garden or you’re in need of a little extra storage space, a handy garden storage box is the answer. And when it comes to garden tools, take a look at our full range for everything you could possibly need, from sheers to shovels and everything in-between.

Looking for something that’ll help you keep your patio clean and pristine? One of our pressure washers is the ideal solution. We have lots of designs from quality brands including Karcher, Bosch and Spear & Jackson - and there’s a model to suit each and every budget.

An unkempt lawn will ruin the look of an otherwise tidy garden, so keep your grass in order with a lawnmower. Hover mowers feel effortless to use, because they feature a built-in fan that creates a cushion of air between the mower and the lawn.

Want to grow your own fruit and veg? A greenhouse is just what you need to get the best result with things like tomato and pepper plants.