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Why buy at Argos?

Your outdoor home projects are as important to us as the indoor decoration. At we want you to be able to complete the best job you can with tools and equipment that are both functional and useful to the tasks at hand. You will find our range of Garden and DIY equipment tough enough to handle even the biggest jobs around the home. Having a house means maintaining not just the building, but the surrounding garden, driveway and land around your home. When you need equipment or tools in a jiffy, you’re good to go with Argos.

DIY Tools

If you’re handy around the house you should have the right tools for the job. Whether it’s fixing that leaky pipe, mending the broken shelf or hanging a picture frame, we have the DIY tools to get the job done. Every house should have a reliable drill as standard. And, every drill should have a choice of good drill bits – you’ll find a choice of drill bit sets that cover heavy gauge work and masonry to tiny gauge drill bits for drilling through plasterboard. Find a range of tools in our DIY section including angle grinders, screwdrivers, sanders and saws.

Electrical Supplies

When you’re doing work around the house, you don’t want to keep stopping to unplug and plug in your power tools because the cable is too short. You’ll find extension leads incredibly handy when covering large distances in the garden or going up and down the stairs. Our electrical supplies will help to ensure you have enough power for your renovations, even if those projects cause you to work late into the night – in that case, just pick up a head torch in order to continue to reach your goal.

Garden Furniture and Décor

Garden decoration and landscaping is all about making your space work for you. Garden’s come in all shapes and sizes, so the layout of your garden is important. Knowing which area of your garden gets the most sun is a good start and will help you place your garden furniture in the best spot.

Try splitting your garden into sections using garden screens or creating walk ways and paths using edging. Adding an area that can be used to put garden dining furniture on will make your garden a feature of your home – try adding a pergola with decking to achieve this look.

Make the most of the good weather by spending as much time as you can outside. For the really hot weather, a sun lounger will give you somewhere you can doze off during the long afternoons. We love a reason to have a bbq and you’ll find plenty of options for charcoal and gas barbecues, including some that even have pizza ovens and smokers! Gather the family, friends and neighbours around the garden furniture set to enjoy al-fresco dining in the evenings. Fancy some Christmas garden decoration ideas? Check out our guide to making your garden as magical as the indoors, with outdoor Christmas lights and garden decorations.

Lawn Care

Looking for the lush green lines of a well-manicured lawn? Grass grows exceptionally fast during the light summer months, so keep it in shape with a rotary lawnmower. Rugged enough to handle the longest of grasses, some come in a wide model for larger gardens and also collect the grass in the collection bag which means no raking afterwards. If you have moss growing in your lawn scarifiers will do an excellent job of reducing moss growth over time. Find all the tools to make your lawn beautiful; from grass trimmers, leaf blowers and hedge trimmers to chainsaws or pressure washers at Argos.

Painting and Decorating

Now that you have the DIY skills down, try turning them to painting and decorating the interior of your home. Sometimes just giving a room a lick of new paint or creating a feature wall with some beautiful wallpaper will give your home a new lease of life. Our range of painting and decorating supplies will help to inject a bit of colour or design into a plain interior. You’ll also find shed and fence paint to ensure your new shed stays water resistant.