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When the toughest jobs come up the only tool to reach for is a power tool. Power tools allow you to put additional force behind sawing, drilling, sanding or anything else. Our range includes hammer drills, impact drivers and multipurpose drills, angle grinders, routers and screwdrivers to name just a few. We have a choice of all the top brands and different price points depending on your needs. So, if it’s a big project your planning, or you just want to improve your tool selection, we have the right power tools for you.

When getting started on a project, it’s always smart to set up your workstation. One of our workbenches makes a great centrepiece for any DIY project, providing a stable and safe platform. If your job is a smaller one, then perhaps all you need is one of our tool kits. Our kits include everything you need for a quick and easy job and include a smaller hammer, pliers screwdrivers and other assorted tools. Perfect for changing a plug or putting up a hook for example. If you are getting a picture or perhaps one of our amazing shelves up on the wall, then you’ll want to make sure it is as straight as possible - enter the spirit level. We have all sorts of levels, from traditional spirit levels to electronic laser levels. All jobs require perfect lighting, and many are in fairly tricky corners. Our range of torches has plenty to choose from, including head torches and powerful LED work lights, so you will be able to see what you need to do perfectly, while also keeping your hands free. Make sure you have a torch in all of your tool bags.

If your job involves moving heavy objects, make sure you have as much help as possible. We have folding trolleys, which can easily help moving a sofa or book case for example and will ensure that you are as safe as possible while you do it.