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If you're after a seamless user experience and immersive game play, check out our wide range of consoles. Top picks include the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and the PS4 Pro. Each of these big-name consoles has much to offer in terms of games, performance, and customisable accessories and make amazing Christmas present ideas.

If you're an on-the-go gamer, the portable 2DS gives you excellent graphics without tying you to a television. This much-loved clamshell console has a whole family of popular games.

Whether you like a gaming station with surround sound, or prefer to simply grab your Nintendo, you'll find something to complete your top-quality gaming experience. Maybe you prefer a sophisticated sofa-based set-up facing the television, complete with responsive PS4 steering wheel and pedals for driving games. Invest in a luxury gaming chair, some with built-in mounted audio, for a truly absorbing session. They'll make your gaming session comfier so you can keep playing for longer.

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