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Whether it’s for elegance or practicality, Argos’ range of stylish and pragmatic watches will suit the wrist and means of any chronometer enthusiast or casual clock checker. We have a range appropriate for everyone’s shape, size and budget, from men’s and women’s watches, to watches for kids and youngsters.

If you’re looking for your favourite brands or a particular style, we have plenty of options available, such as Rotary, Sekonda and classic Casio watches, which all have their own unique and telling traits to perfectly match your outfits and activity. We also have a wide range of sport watches and Fitbit fitness trackers that monitor your active and docile states, so you can keep an eye on your health. Or, if you’re looking for something a bit more high-tech, check out the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

If you’d like to accessorise with your newly found watch, then why not look at our men’s and women’s jewellery section, where we have everything from sentimental charms and beautiful bracelets, to nuanced necklaces and elegant earrings.

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