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Keep your fresh and frozen ingredients stored safely in a fridge or freezer. Anything from storing leftovers to keeping chilled drinks to hand, these appliances are tough to do without. Our range come in freestanding, or integrated for that seamless look to your kitchen. If you need more freezer space, buy another one for the garage so you are never without. A freezer that is stocked up with meals will save you time and money, and minimise food waste.

Buying one of these appliances is a purchase you won’t make often. So, what should you consider when buying the best fridge or freezer? Firstly, what type of appliance do you want? An under the counter fridge or freezer sits neatly under your worktop, saving space and means your worktop can be used for other things. For larger families a tall refrigerators and larder fridges will give you greater capacity. Wine coolers and glass front refrigerators will be ideal to store those special bottles and display them too. Got a student off the university? A small table top fridge will mean they won’t have to leave their room to get the milk for their tea. Next, how much capacity do you need and how much space do you have? Measure the height and width carefully and allow 3-4cm gap so you can open the door, and room for ventilation. Look out for features such as water and ice dispensers, and frost-free abilities and the energy efficiency rating. Last but not least, what colour will you go for? Traditional white, contemporary black or stainless still, or maybe even a blue or green and go for the retro look.

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