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Welcome your new-born child to the world with all the baby and nursery products you need to make them comfortable and feel at home. At Argos we have a huge range of goods to cover all the areas you'll need to consider when bringing up a child. From baby clothes and travel gear, so you don't have to put your life on hold when they arrive, to maternity products, so you can care for them, and yourself, before they're even born, Argos has you covered. 

Ready your house and make it baby-proof with our selection of home safety products for kids. Furnish their bedroom so they'll be able to get all the rest they require to stimulate their growth and regain their energy for another day exploring. Supply them with a variety of toys and baby activity centres so they can play, learn and discover.

There's so much to think about when it comes to new-borns, but Argos has laid it out in simplified categories so that you can slowly make your way through our products and purchase everything you need. You'll find fantastic items, such as baby monitors for safety; baby baths to keep them clean; baby bouncers for a fun way to strengthen their legs; baby walkers to give them support on their first steps; baby changing bags to freshen them up; strollers to take them around the outside world, and much, much more.

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