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Why buy at Argos?

If you’re planning on getting some office space organised at home, or just adding to your existing equipment, we’ll have something for you. From shelves to desks, we have a great range of office furniture. If your office chair has seen better days, why not upgrade with a comfortable replacement? We have gaming style leather chairs as well as professional looking leather office chairs. So, it it’s a small change to the office, or a big upgrade, our products will have something to help achieve your home office ideas.

If you need somewhere to store industry books, or perhaps some plant life, then check out a bookshelf. We have retro looking shelves, as well as contemporary corner units. We also stock corner desk options for any office where space is a premium. To help with storage of any important documents, you’ll want to have a look a lockable filing cabinet. We have metal and wooden options to choose from in a range of sizes. If it just a few documents you need to keep handy, how about a desk with drawers? We have a great range of traditional, retro and modern designed desks.

Now you have your office sorted, you need the right kit to get the job done. We have a fantastic range of work ready computers including Dell laptops and MacBook Pro. If you crave a second screen, then not to worry, we have a great range of HD monitors to ensure you have as much screen space as you need. Finish off your office kit with a WiFi booster to make sure you have enough signal and you’ll be good to go.