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If you're an animal lover, you'll adore Argos' selection of pet supplies. Argos are ready to help you welcome a new pet to your home or kit it out for your current companions and get a few extra bits you're missing. So, if it's cat flaps you need to allow your feline freedom to roam the local neighbourhood, a cage for a cute little critter, or even a table to feed your frequenting feathered friends, we have it in Argos' stores. 

Although we specialise in products designed for cats and dogs, we do stock a few other items that will be handy, especially for first time owners, such as small animal playpens and fish tanks. For cats, we have everything from comfortable cat beds for them to curl up in after a long day exploring, to useful GPS trackers so they don't end up with their furry face on all the signs in the city. For dogs, we've got all you need from squeaky dog toys for messing about on walks, to dog collars and dog leads for when you need to keep them safe from all the traffic. Treat your pets like one of the family at Argos.