A panini maker or griddle pan is a small but mighty addition to any kitchen. They’re one of the most budget friendly ways to heighten your collection of appliances. Their ability to transform a seemingly plain sandwich into a hot, crunchy and satisfying snack is amazing! However, the dishes don’t stop at classic toasties; our George Foreman grill, for example, is a brilliant tool for making all sorts of dishes from steak to quesadillas!

A Breville sandwich toaster is a fantastic utensil for people on the go. Students often struggle to put together a well-rounded meal but with a sandwich toaster, this issue has an easy resolution. These nifty gadgets have the ability to create unique and exciting meals without taking up too much space and being ready quick. It’s also great if you’re not feeling up to cooking - and with minimal washing up to do, little effort is required to yield brilliant results.

Our range of toasters are perfect for pleasing the masses, with the capability of toasting 4 slices at once, breakfast for all the family will be a breeze! Dualit toasters have been handmade in the UK since 1950 so it can undoubtedly produce you and your family toast that is exactly how you like it.

If you’re looking for something that is particularly stylish and sleek, the Russell Hobbs toaster collection is vast and very popular amongst keen home designers. With reams of colours and styles to choose from, there is bound to be a style that is right for you and your home, with high customer ratings across the board.