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Whether you’ve just moved to a new house, or you’re changing up the décor in your current abode, we’ve got you covered with our huge painting and decorating range. In addition to all the necessary DIY tools, you’ll be needing a few essentials like paint brushes and rollers, or even a paint sprayer if you’re looking to get a perfectly even finish on those kitchen cabinets you’re upcycling.

Redecorating your living room and not sure what colour scheme you want to go for? For the walls, why not consider grey paint? Bang on trend and ultra-stylish, this will look stunning when paired with yellow or burnt orange soft furnishings. Check out our range of Johnstone’s paint to find the perfect shade. And don’t forget to use masking tape for clean edges and to protect any surfaces you don’t want to paint.

When it comes to painting or DIY, step ladders are just what you need when you’re working up high on things like kitchen cabinets or shelving. Ultra-sturdy and durable, it’s a good idea to choose a design that features a steel platform as well – the perfect place to rest your tools or paint pot.

Prefer the idea of wallpaper? Textured wallpaper can be a fantastic way to add some warmth and extra detail to a room – or you might even choose brick-effect wallpaper for a contemporary vibe that’s cool and industrial. And if you’re kitting out the nursery ahead of you little one’s arrival, then look no further than our selection of beautiful nursery wallpaper designs.