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Taking great care of your garden is an all-year-round job - whether you're sowing seeds in early spring, doing some summertime planting, or raking those autumn leaves, there's always something that needs doing to keep your garden happy and flourishing. And regardless of the task at hand, we've got you covered with our collection of garden hand tools from quality brands including Speak & Jackson and McGregor. From secateurs and shears right through to forks, trowels and handy tool sets, you'll find it all right here in our comprehensive range. We have just what you need to keep unwanted garden visitors at bay too - be they hungry bugs or invasive weeds. 

After a saw to cut back overgrown branches? You've come to the right place - and a chainsaw is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal if you need to tackle thicker branches or cut firewood. For casual users it's a good idea to go for a battery-powered cordless model - these are not only convenient but with lower chain speeds than a petrol option, they're safer too. 

Perhaps your grass is looking rather unruly? What you need here is a grass cutter which will make short work of tackling overgrown areas before you can go in with a mower. And when it comes to lawnmowers we have you covered with a great range of options. Consider a hover mower which works by creating and gliding over a small cushion of air - so you can even move it from side to side. How about our range of garden hoses too?