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When it’s getting chilly outside and you want to keep it toasty and warm inside your home but getting the temperature just right in your home can be difficult, especially when the weather's always changing. Heaters and radiators will keep you warm and portable heaters can easily be moved around the house to keep every room warm. Invest in an air conditioning unit if you tend to over-heat at night, or if your prone to catching the Winter flu, try a humidifier to keep up the moisture levels of your room.

Getting through the winter cold is always easier when you have some cold weather essentials on hand. Start with an electric blanket under your duvet to keep you warm at night and don’t put up with those drafty windows – hang a pair of thermal curtains to keep that breeze out. Oil heaters are great to have in the bedroom because of their multiple heat settings and frost protection. They also come on handy castor wheels, which make sharing the warmth really easy. If you have a conservatory in your house, you’ll know just how cold it can get so make sure you don’t freeze by plugging in a few conservatory heaters. And if all else fails, a hot water bottle will heat you up nicely. Trying to beat the winter blues? Check out our choice of best electric heaters this winter.

When Summer rolls around (eventually) and the evenings leave you sweltering in the heat, a pedestal fan will send a column of cold air throughout your room, cooling you down and allowing you to claw back some precious hours of sleep. Air conditioning units are a great year-round investment meaning you can crank out the cool air in the Summer and the hot air in the winter.

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