Blenders and food processing

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When you want to speed up your cooking, but not compromise on the taste, kitchen electrical appliances are the answer, and blenders and food processors are probably the most useful. They have many functions, make light work of meal prep and will very quickly be your go to appliance in the kitchen.

A blender is the ideal kitchen appliance for making smoothies and even juices that have retained all the fibre and nutrients of the fruit and veg. They are also great for making chutneys and spice mixes, helping you to make smooth blends out of herbs and spices. If you want something that will help you prep meals, then even the simplest food processor will have a few attachments that can help chop, slice, dice and even grate your food. The more sophisticated ones even knead dough with the dough hook attachment and crush ice for those cocktails and mocktails. There is usually more than 1 speed setting, and safety mechanisms so you will always be in control.

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