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These days, keeping fit is easier than ever thanks to an endless array of nifty gadgets to help you track your progress and keep on top of your routine. Take a look at our fantastic range of fitness technology for all the latest innovations and designs to suit any budget. If you’re looking for the perfect companion during your workouts, you really can’t beat a handy smart watch to help you stay connected and on track – not to mention on time too!

When it comes to smart watches, why not consider an ever-popular and uber-stylish Fitbit? The Fitbit Versa is a fantastic choice with its 24/7 heart rate monitor, Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to store over 300 songs – so you can get in the zone with your favourite workout tracks. Or how about the Fitbit Charge 3? Bluetooth-enabled and swim-proof, you can even stay connected by receiving calls and texts too.

Looking to up your cardio game? Check out our treadmills – these are a seriously worthwhile investment and give you the option to run inside in the comfort of your own home. You can mix up your routines too – high intensity interval training (HIIT) is great for getting your heart pumping and burning those calories, but incline walking also has its place. And if you’re after a low impact option, take a look at our exercise bikes.

If you want to head for the great outdoors, what better way to do it than on one of our mountain bikes? And why not make it a family outing? We’ve got lots of options for men, women and the kids too.