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Do you need to furnish a nursery for a new arrival? Our range of nursery furniture contains furniture sets from top brands like Mamas & Papas and can help you take the headache out of choosing furniture for your baby's room. In one click you can get a cot, wardrobe, drawers and much more in finishes and styles to suit the rest of your nursery.

Once the furniture is in place, you'll need bedding to make sure your baby is comfy. We have a huge selection of nursery bedding for you to choose from, including cot bed mattresses, sheets, pillows and baby blankets. You can get full matching sets or mix and match from our range. Whatever your approach is, don't underestimate the amount of bedding you'll need because sheets and blankets can get messy pretty quickly with babies. Speaking of which a changing unit can be a good idea for a nursery, giving you a secure place to change nappies which gives you easy access to nappies and other items, while also being more comfortable for you than kneeling down onto the floor or the cot. When you're heading out and about, you can sling your changing equipment into one of our baby changing bags for convenience on the go.

Outside the nursery the home can suddenly seem full of accidents waiting to happen once you have a baby. So, explore our range of baby proofing products and get corner cushions, cupboard locks, socket protectors, stair gates and more to make your home safe for your child, as they begin to explore their surroundings. And safety proofing doesn't stop once children get a little older. As your child moves into their own bed you may want to have a look at our bed rails for kids and make sure they don't take a tumble out of bed in the middle of the night, while they get used to being in their big bed.