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Create this home gym for under £1000.
Create this home gym for under £1000.

Create this home gym for under £1000

Get your heart racing and build up a sweat with our top cardio picks. Whether you’re looking for a complete cardio set, or just want one key piece, any of these would be a great addition to your home. They’re all extremely durable so you can use them as much as you want. But when not in use, the treadmill and rowing machine can be folded for easy storage, and the cross trainer has wheels so you can move it wherever you want it.

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No gym, no problem.
No gym, no problem.

No gym, no problem

If you don’t have time to go to the gym, or don’t want to spend the money monthly, invest in some high-quality strength-building equipment for your home. Our Men’s Health folding bench and preacher comes with 50kg worth of weights, giving you plenty of flexibility. You’re not stuck with one weight for each exercise and can mix up your routine, adding in things like supersets too. But if you’re more into bodyweight muscle-building exercises, the pull up mate is ideal. It can be assembled into lots of different positions, giving you multiple workout options so you can work your entire body. And when not in use, it won’t take up loads of room - you can pack it away into a storage bag.

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For some of the best ways to spend your free time, browse our sports and leisure products and find something to inspire you in the Boxing Day sales. Many like to keep physically active and we have plenty of ways to enhance and accommodate this. To track your fitness, invest in a fitness tracker like a Fitbit, renowned for helping people set and achieve fitness targets. Setting up your own home gym is a fun project and will enable easy and convenient workouts. Our fitness machines include exercise bikes, rowing machines, treadmills and cross trainers. Make sure you get some free weights such as dumbbells and kettle bells to improve muscle tone.

If you love going to gigs, why not pick up a musical instrument like a keyboard piano and learn how to play? Our range is perfect for beginners to get started with. We also do guitars and guitar accessories, woodwind instruments like clarinets and flutes, as well as music stands, metronomes and much more. If you’re not musically inclined or require another creative outlet, apply that creativity to produce something physical. Check out our drawing supplies or sewing machines – the end results can be hugely satisfying.

If you’re hitting the road make sure you’re equipped to travel in comfort. Keep hydrated with our travel mugs and thermos flasks, perfect for long journeys or camping trips. We have everything from camping gear, so you can keep in touch with nature in these digital times. Our gear includes tents, suitcases, clothing for all weathers, backpacks and much more. If you want to record your adventures, no matter how wild they are, GoPro is your go-to option. Great for playing with perspective, GoPro cameras offer smooth 4K video and can even be attached to your person or a drone.

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