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Why play darts?

Whether you're at the pub or hosting a party at home, playing darts is a great way to have fun. It's simple to set up, needs minimal equipment, and is easy to learn. But there's loads of skill to it too! So if you'd like to be the next Luke "The Nuke" Littler or just want to take up a new hobby, get ready. Perfect your grip, stance and throw, and bag yourself a bullseye.

Understanding a dartboard...

A Target Aspar professional dartboard.

What does it consist of?

  • A dartboard has 20 numbered sections or arcs. They are equally spaced by wires running from the centre to the outer rim.
  • At the centre sits the inner (double bull - 50 points) and outer bullseye (single bull - 25 points).
  • There’s an inner ring halfway across the centre and an outer ring at the edge. They represent the treble and double zones.
  • If you hit a dart in the outer double area, the number you hit is doubled. If you hit in the inner treble area, the number is tripled.
  • The 2 areas between the rings represent the single scoring zones.
Dart in bullseye of a dartboard.

How to pick the best dartboard

To make the most of the game, we’ve listed down a few things you need to keep in mind while buying a dartboard.

Base - A traditional dartboard is made from sisal fibre. It’s highly durable, stiff, and has great grip. It also has a self-healing effect - so when you remove the dart, the board automatically seals the hole.

Fibre density - Choose a dartboard that has solid density and depth as that reduces bounce outs.

Wiring -  If you are a pro, go for super thin staple-free wiring - the thinner the wires, the lower the chances of a bounce out.

Winmau masters bristle dartboard.

Dartboards for beginners

If you are a newbie, go for the durable bristle dartboard made of sisal that will endure lots of practice.

Winmau blade 6 championship dartboard and darts set.

Dartboards for intermediates & pros

If you know the game well, a dartboard with double or triple-core and ultra-thin wires is a must-have so you can hone your skills to perfection.

How high should a dartboard be from the floor?

Hang your dartboard so that the bullseye is 1.73m (5ft 8 inches) above the ground. You should have a marker on the floor to throw the darts from at 2.37m (7 ft 9.25 inches) away from the dartboard.

Understanding darts…

Get to grips with what makes up a dart.

Point of a dart.


The sharp tip that hits the dartboard.
Grip of a dart.


The part where you grip the dart.
Shaft of a dart.


Connects the grip with the flight.
Flight of a dart.


The back portion of the dart.
A person about to trow a dart.

How to pick the best darts

• Check what the material of the dart barrel is. Tungsten is a popular choice as it's denser compared to other metals and increases accuracy.
• If you are a beginner or an intermediate player, look for a dart barrel that’s knurled. Knurling is grooves etched on a barrel that provides a better grip.
• Pick a dart that complements your throwing style. If you tend to hit higher on the board, you might want to pick a heavier dart. If you throw with force, maybe choose a lighter option. As a beginner, darts between 22g-24g are a good choice.

Shop darts by weight

Darts top picks

 A Winmau Darts Plasma Dartboard Light hanging on a brick wall.

Electronic dartboards and darts accessories

There are some great accessories for every dart player and every budget. From darts cases to help you take your darts to tournaments, to dartboard lights to really lift your game. Not sure of the score? Choose an electronic dartboard for an automatic scoreboard.

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