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Lighting is the most important factor in creating a useable space in your home. Whether you go for big, wide windows to let in natural light or choose blackout curtains to block out the light, our homes revolve around the changing light. Use lights to create an ambience in your home – maybe a comforting, warm glow or a clear and cold white light to work under. Correct lighting and choosing the right light fittings can change the appearance of your rooms, so getting it right can seem daunting, but our range of lights will cover all your needs.

It may not seem like much, but the colour of the bulbs you choose matter to the way your room looks. The colours of light bulbs can actually make your walls look a different colour. Incandescent bulbs are the more traditional type of light bulb fitting and produce a warm, yellow light. This colour of light works very well with red, yellow and orange walls but will make your blues and greens look quite flat. If you have cool coloured walls in blues, greys, greens or purples then a fluorescent light will bring out the cooler undertones. For the most natural looking light, halogen bulbs produce a neutral light that can make bright colours pop. LED’s come in both warm tones and cool tones, but also being good for energy consumption they make a good all-round choice. For a comprehensive guide to light bulb types, have a look at our light bulb fittings guide. Don’t forget about smart light bulbs! Not only do you save on energy, they can last up to 18 years and you can use your smartphone to select the colour, tone and brightness of the lights.

Lighting can be the focal point in your room, or blend into your décor to give a seamless look. Each room will have lighting necessities – take the kitchen, for example. Your kitchen is full of pointy things, so having a clear lighting system is important for safety. LED kitchen ceiling lights in a spotlight cluster are great for choosing which part of the kitchen receives the most light. The spotlight heads are adjustable, so they can be directed to suit your room. For more help with lighting ideas for the kitchen, try our kitchen lighting guide.

Decorative living room lighting can add that ‘special something’ to your interior. Perhaps you want to make a statement with a fancy glass pendant light. Glass catches the light beautifully, and pendant lights are great if you have high ceilings. If you like to keep things practical and matching, try a floor and table lamp set, giving you the benefit of two light sources. Shed some light on choosing a lamp for your space with our handy guide. Or just replace your current lamp shades to quickly freshen up your décor. In the dining room, a pendant light centrally over the dining table will showcase your meals, and enhance the look of your culinary creations. When installing bathroom lights, ensure that the interior light fixture is made specifically for the bathroom.

The little finishing touches are what make your room feel complete. Matching light switch covers show the attention to detail you have given the décor. They come in a traditional push switch and dimmer switches when you want to create mood lighting.