Energy saving tips

Energy costs can be high, but there are plenty of things you can do to help keep them low. Here’s our guide to energy conservation in your home.

Energy saving tips.

How to reduce your heating bills

Use thermal curtains

Covering your windows really helps to keep the heat in, especially if you choose curtains with an extra thermal layer. Make sure you close them as soon as it starts going dark.

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Don’t dry clothes on your radiators

When you cover a radiator, it has to work harder to reach the right temperature, wasting lots of energy. Choose an airer instead.

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Move furniture away from your radiators

The padding in furniture can absorb heat without letting it circulate, causing your radiators to work harder to provide more warmth.

Install a smart thermostat

Control your heating from your phone. You can turn off the heating when you’re out and program the thermostat to keep the temperature just how you like it, always.

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How to save electricity

Energy saving bulbs

If you haven’t already, upgrade your old light bulbs to new LED bulbs. Each bulb you replace can save you around £9 a year, plus energy saving bulbs last longer.

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Smart lighting

Never leave a light on again. You can see what lights are on using your phone and flip the switch wherever you are. You’ll never have to get up to use the switch again.

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Don’t leave the TV on standby

If it’s on standby, it’s still costing you energy. Even though many TVs have energy saving settings, it’s still more cost effective to turn them off at the plug.

Smart plugs

Like smart lights, smart plugs mean you can turn anything off at the plug with your phone, wherever you are. It’s a great way to monitor waste in your home.

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Getting energy efficiency from your appliances

Fill up – or use a half load

It wastes money to only fill a washing machine half way. Look out for models with a half-load function, and be careful to choose a model that’s not too large for your needs.

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Keep your fridge and freezer full

It actually costs more to chill a fridge or freezer that’s half-empty. Empty plastic bottles or food containers are an easy way to fill space and reduce costs.

Wash at a lower temperature

Unless there are bad stains, most clothing can be washed effectively at 30°.

Arrange dishes properly in your dishwasher

Put all the large items at the back. If you put them at the front, water can’t get passed to items at the back, so they’ll stay a bit dirty.

Understanding the energy label

It’s not all about whether an appliance is A+++ or not.

Sure, that means it’s very energy efficient, but it could still cost you more depending on how you use it. There’s more to energy labels than you might think.

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