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If you don’t have time to go to the gym, or don’t want to spend the money monthly, invest in some high-quality strength-building equipment for your home. Our Men’s Health folding bench and preacher comes with 50kg worth of weights, giving you plenty of flexibility. You’re not stuck with one weight for each exercise and can mix up your routine, adding in things like supersets too. But if you’re more into bodyweight muscle-building exercises, the pull up mate is ideal. It can be assembled into lots of different positions, giving you multiple workout options so you can work your entire body. And when not in use, it won’t take up loads of room - you can pack it away into a storage bag.

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Working out at home requires commitment but it is extremely convenient and easy to fit around a busy lifestyle. We stock weight training equipment for the beginner through to the serious weightlifter or bodybuilder. Most people decide to weight train because they want to tone and strengthen their body, and to feel better about themselves and how they look and feel. That’s why we want to cater to everyone’s space requirements and workout needs. The most effective small pieces of equipment for strength and resistance training is the kettlebell. The exercises engage different muscle groups throughout the body, including hips, core and legs, build stamina, improve coordination and burn fat. While a gym mat will ensure that you have a clean, and easy to clean, section of floor to train on.

Medicine balls are also relatively low cost and take up little room. They are often used in overhead presses to increase shoulder strength, for adding resistance to abdominal crunches and weight to squats and lunges. A gym ball may be light but is very effective for strengthening and toning the abs, waist and back. It will also improve your balance and coordination. If you are more serious about lifting weights, you might want to invest in one of our weight sets, available in various sizes. You can choose from dumbbells, barbells and weight plates, or a mixture of the two. If you’re pressing significant weight, wrist supports will give you stability, enhance your grip and help prevent injury.

Slendertone ab-toning belts can help strengthen your core alongside healthy exercise. Using electronic muscle stimulation, they are proven to be effective and you should be able to see results in just a few weeks.