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If you're a film fanatic then a DVD player or Blu-ray player, along with a home cinema system set up, is an essential part of the house. Our home cinema systems are all about the experience; with sound bars, subwoofers and surround sound monitors, you can bring the action alive. For deep base and layered acoustics, try some Sonos speakers. These small but powerful speakers stream sound over WiFi, so there are no delays or dropouts.

If you want to add to your home cinema set up, then why not consider getting a new sofa or a large corner couch to squeeze the entire group onto for a real home cinema experience. If seating is still an issue, then why not get a few extra beanbags to chuck on the floor and snuggle up on when the movie gets started. Now that you've sorted your seats, why not consider something you can rustle up some snacks from. Try one of our popcorn machines to add some real novelty to your cinema experience.

When you spend a lot of time entertaining with movies, TV and music, upgrading your television is a must. Bring your movies to life with an LG OLED or Hisense TV. Its high contrast and active HDR means you get a crystal-clear picture, perfect for streaming all your favourite media from this smart TV.

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