Learning how to box or taking up a form of martial arts requires a lot of discipline, focus and training, so let Argos help you out with acquiring all the gear you'll need and then you'll be able to give your art form all the attention it demands. At Argos, we stock all the necessary clothing you'll need so you'll be ready to step into the gym or dojo, prepared to spar, train and work on your technique. We also stock the appropriate footwear too, should your discipline require it. Argos have a range of equipment so you can set up a place to practice at home, or add to your gym. With everything from punch bags and boxing gloves, to mouth guards and shin guards, you'll be able to find what you need to perfect your skills.

If you'd like to expand on your training and build up your fitness, take a look through the rest of our gym equipment. Work on your core with our exercise mats; get a yoga mat to add a meditative side to your workout routine, and, if you'd like to build on your strength, why not get some free-weights or dumbbells. We also stock weightlifting belts and wrist support wraps that you can use appropriately to help you lift heavier weights, and push yourself to get stronger. 

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