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Don’t let magic memories fade away. Capture every moment with one of our fantastic range of cameras. Whether you just want a compact camera for casual snaps, or would like to delve into the world of DSLR cameras for professional photography, we have cameras from all leading manufacturers like Canon, Nikon and Sony. We even have some film cameras including Polaroid instant cameras.

As you delve further into photography you’ll soon realise that some accessories can really enhance the end results. Tripods help you frame a shot and keep everything steady and are a must have if you’re doing any long exposure shots so that the image comes out sharp. 

You’ll also need to keep at least one additional memory card in your kitbag because you’ll find they fill up fast, especially if you’re shooting in raw format on a DSLR. It’s also worth investing in a separate hard drive to store photos on as an archive and backup, that way you can off load the content of a memory card before sifting through them and doing any editing. Some keen photographers even get a laptop specifically for storing and editing their photos on. And once you’ve chosen your shots make sure you have quality photo frames to display your efforts, whether that’s a traditional or electronic frame.

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