Don’t let those special moments fade away. Capture them in all their cinematic glory with one of our camcorders. Or maybe you fancy trying your hand at making a short film? It’s perfectly possible with a camcorder and free editing software. The ever-popular GoPro is a great option, superb for playing with perspective.

Remember that a digital camera can also do double duty and capture high quality video too. In fact, many filmmakers now use a DSLR camera for their work. The main thing with video is to have a spare memory card on hand because video takes up a lot of space and you’ll always shoot more than you need.

Having the right camera lenses can make all the difference between a brilliant end product and one that you have to delete, whether you’re shooting video or stills. Make sure you’re kitted out with the right lenses for your project and you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re more of an occasional photographer and just want something to capture a few snaps on a day out, then disposable cameras are a great option. They’re also good for parties and weddings, so people can take pictures that have a more intimate and immediate feel to them. 

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