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Collection Llama Cushion.
Heart Of House Livingston 3 Seater Leather Sofa - Tan.
Collection Round Mirrored Top Coffee Table - Copper Plated.

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Packed with global influences, we love this well-travelled look - a mix of rich woods, distressed textures and copper accents.



After a tiring day, there's nothing like getting back and putting your feet up in front of the television with a lovely brew, so make your living room the place of leisure you deserve with Argos' selection of living room furniture. We have sofas in a multiplicity of styles, armchairs, entertainment units, footstools, coffee tables and much more to match the vision of your dream lounge. If you're someone who prefers curling up with a scintillating novella, then why not get a bookcase to give your collection of literary musings a suitable home. And, if you're an artsy type and the digital age hasn't completely consumed you, we have a grand stock of CD and DVD storage units for all your records and movies. 

We also supply a handy selection of wall mounted shelves if you'd rather open up a bit of floor space or if the room is a tad cosier. If you have any achievements you're proud of, Argos has a range of glass-fronted display cabinets for you to parade your collection and it's a lovely touch to add a bit of your life to the room. However, if these are a tad too grand for you, then why not get one of our sideboards or dressers which will give you a place to display some sentimental artefacts and a chance to store some extra bits. And, if you value your time, it's a great place to pop clocks so you stand no chance of getting too absorbed in your luxurious living room.

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