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A good night's sleep has a huge positive impact on your mood and health. So how to get a good night’s sleep? Start by choosing the right bed, and the right size for you and your room. Single beds are the usual choice for one person, but if you have the space, indulge in a double bed size. King size beds and super king size beds are wider and longer, great if you are a bit taller.   

If you are happy with your bed frame then a new mattress can make all the difference. If yours is getting old and uncomfortable you’ll spend all night trying to get to sleep and our mattresses come with a 100-night guarantee. Alternatively invest in a mattress topper – learn more about what is a mattress topper and see how they will make your bed even more comfortable.

Getting your bedroom lighting right is important too. Place floor lamps strategically in the corner or use table lamps for soft, flattering light. Candles add to the soft light and mood; their soft scents help you relax. And when it is time to drift off a dark and warm room will help you get a sound night, so make sure you plug in that heated blanket as the nights draw in. Pair with blackout curtains that keep the warm in, and light out, you'll sleep soundly all night.

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