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Stage your very own rallies and races with our range of radio controlled cars and toys. We’ve got radio-controlled cars based on their favourite films like Toy Story and Cars, through to realistic replicas of Lamborghini sports cars and rugged buggies that can handle off-road terrain with ease.

If your kids love tech toys they’ll love Fingerlings, tiny robots that cling to your finger and interact with you. They come in all kinds of styles, from roaring dinosaurs to cutesy unicorns and monkeys. They respond to your voice, touch and motion and then interact with you and also with each other. These robotic pets are hugely popular and kids love collecting them. We also have other robot toys like the Build A Bot series and robots by Anki, many of which feature voice commands and have built in games giving your child an interactive experience unlike other toys.

Our toy range is so extensive that you’ll find something for kids of all ages and interests. Little ones are sure to love toys based on their favourite TV shows like Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol, while a lightsaber will please your young padawan as they head off to topple the Emperor (whose new base has been secretly located at the bottom of the garden). Got a fan of dolls? Give them one of the LOL Dolls range to enjoy. Each doll is individually wrapped in a multi-layered package, like a pass the parcel and in each layer there are unique accessories to discover.

Older kids will spend less time with toys and more time playing video games, whether that’s with friends, online, or by themselves. So, if they’re hankering after a PS4 or Xbox One X have a look at our bundles and offers on consoles and games.