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Let your child’s imagination run wild with our selection of role play toys and accessories. Whether they want to run their own home with cooking and cleaning playsets, or transform themselves into a Jedi with their own lightsaber, we’ve got toys to help them enter the world of imagination. When they’re off on adventures they might need something to deal with any baddies that they cross paths with, so get them some toy guns before they set off to explore.

For kids, a playhouse in the garden can turn into a magical castle or secret forest hideaway, with play tunnels creating an underground base for them to hideaway from monsters. Ball pits can be desert islands with hidden treasure or treacherous lakes that need to be crossed. Of course, you could get them a paddling pool to make the fun even more lifelike.

Make believe play doesn’t always need to involve elaborate props though. Kids will happily indulge in imaginative play with the right toys, like LEGO Elves, which they can use to create beautiful fantasy settings for their adventures.

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