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Argos Home Palm House Velvet Cushion.
Argos Home Midnight Opulence Coffee Table - Bronze.
Argos Home Bliss Luxe Rug - 170x110cm - Dark Ink.

A rich, decadent look.

Indulge your senses in jade and amethyst, and don't forget the feel - it’s just as important. Our velvet cushion is lusciously strokable and amps up the luxe look. Finish off with chrome metallic accents and the glow of a candle or two.

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Bring the character out in your house with Argos' fantastic selection of home furnishings and really express yourself with these decorative and practical additions. Pull your rooms together with our huge collection of blinds and curtains, and keep the themes flowing for every room of the house. Often there can be some awkward space by a radiator but with our radiator covers, you can turn it into a handy surface. 

Why not add some depth to your walls with some wall art, picture frames and mirrors? These artistic additions can give a charming, attractive aurora to your home. You could add a spark to the atmosphere with some candles, turn a dull dresser into a featured attraction with some ornaments and fill your house will nature with our selection of beautiful vases. 

At Argos, the options are endless. Our home furnishing range will allow your tastes to speak through your home's accessories, so get searching and let your imagination take the reins. Let your imagination run wild - create your very own winter wonderland this Christmas. Put up a Christmas wreath and garland, deck the halls with Christmas decorations and grab a pop up Christmas tree for your centrepiece.

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