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Argos Home Wood Style Desk.
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The minimalist way to maximise productivity

The Scandinavian ethos of balancing comfort with function is the perfect approach to take when designing a home study. The clear aesthetic = clearer thinking, making it the ideal choice if you're prone to distractions. How to achieve it? 1. Keep it light. This blonde wood and white, spindle-legged desk will reflect natural light - important for fresh thinking. 2. Keep it organised. Clutter is distracting, so keep it at a minimum around your desk. Office storage will encourage tidiness. 3. Keep it cosy. A fluffy throw, scented candle, comfy chair will make it space you enjoy spending time in.


Get your office space organised with Argos' choice collection of office furniture. If you're often working from home for business purposes, education or even vocational pleasures, then a set up to help get you in the zone is essential. With our stylish and versatile office chairs and wooden desks, work project deadlines will feel more comfortable and challenging essays easily manageable. Get the right desk to suit your needs, whether space needs to be considered, or your looking for something large and sturdy, Argos have a wide variety to choose from. And, if you need to store a hefty set of files and folders, our handy wall mounted shelves - ideal for smaller rooms - will clear some floor space for anything else you may need. Essays and presentations often require a dedicated amount of studying literature too, so one of our bookcases or set of shelves would give those hardbacks a home away from your desk. 

Other than furniture, offices need equipment. Argos has a large selection of laptops at competitive prices along with laptop bags and accessories to make it easily transportable from home to work. Working under pressure can cause a lot of stress - installing one of our fans will help you keep a cool head and make your way through your work with ease. Argos is here to help you.

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