School uniform essentials

Avoid the back to school panic when it comes to getting the kids all set for the new term, because we've got you covered with our comprehensive school uniforms essentials collection - everything you need to send them off to school looking smart, all in one place. From skirts and dresses to shirts, cardigans and jumpers - you'll find everything right here, plus all the essentials from boys PE kits to other back to school supplies too!

Boys' school uniform

Make sure your boy is suited and booted for school time with everything they'll need to start their school term off right. Browse our fantastic collection of boys' school uniform to find everything from boys' school shirts and jumpers, boy's tracksuit and shorts right down to their socks, vests and trainers. Why not take a look at our great range of boys' school trousers? We've got an array of stylish designs they're sure to absolutely love. Need to get your child a brand-new set of shoes for school? Whether they're playing tag or kicking a ball around, kids are always on the move when they're in the playground, so they'll need a pair that's durable and well-made. Look no further than our quality ranges of sturdy but stylish boys' school shoes and girls' school shoes. If they're not quite tying their own laces yet, then touch-strap is the way to go - and you'll certainly save a little time getting them ready in the morning!

Girls' school uniform

Smart girls like smart looks. Browse our beautiful collection of girls' school uniform to find everything from girl's school jumpers to school dresses - to help them look and feel good about themselves; we have a wide selection of styles and fits to help them pick out what they feel most comfortable in, whether they prefer looser clothes, sporty shoes or girly skirts and girls' school trousers, we've got a wide variety for them to choose from to ensure everyone can attend school feeling confident ad ready to learn. On the lookout for a few essentials to add to your little one's wardrobe? You've come to the right place for all the basics including underwear, vests, tights, and boys' and girls' socks. We have everything from funky patterns and Disney themed designs, right through to plain styles that are just perfect for school. Check out our fantastic girls' sportswear range for an array of fabulous options to help your child enjoy their favourite sport, whatever it may be. Perhaps they're a dance fan? If that's the case, then they'll love our stylish crop top and leggings combos. Why not check out our girls' trainers too? From sporty styles with a chunky sole through to glam metallic and glittery designs for kids who appreciate a touch of sparkle, you're sure to find the perfect pair for them.