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We all know how important it is to keep hydrated, but having a drink is about more than just replenishing liquids. It is the chance to stop for a few moments to relax or even catch up with a friend. But what drink to have? Well, with our drinks appliances it won’t take long to make whatever you fancy. If it a cup of tea then choose from our range of kettles which include electric kettles, kettles for the stove and travel kettles you can take with you wherever you go. For those who prefer an espresso, our coffee machines will deliver this and so much more. Choose a coffee maker that uses pods for a quick and easy coffee, or take a bit more time with a filter or bean to coffee machine. Don’t fancy a hot drink? How about a glass of freshly pressed juice? Give your juicer prime location on your worktop so it is always to hand when you fancy a fruity drink with less sugar than the store-bought variety. A slow juicer means the you’ll maximise on the nutrients extracted. Another nutrient filled drink is a smoothie, which is becoming the go to start to the day. But mornings are usually the busiest time but a smoothie maker this easy and quick, and many have additional drinks bottles.

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