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Why buy at Argos?

Sony’s PlayStation 3, first released in 2006, is still loved by many as a quality home console. Now discontinued, it’s not as easy to get your hands on one, but many are still being played living rooms and bedrooms. We sell a range of PS3 games, including the FIFA 19 legacy edition, Minecraft and LEGO Dimensions. We also have all the PS3 accessories you need, such as charging cables, HDMI cables, PS3 controllers and steering wheels.

Fans of the PS3 may well appreciate Sony’s remake of the original console, the PlayStation classic. Preloaded with 20 classic games, this miniature remake comes with quality of life updates that give you the best of both modern and classic gaming. Just sit back enjoy a blast from the past in a comfy, posture improving gaming chair.

Or, upgrade to the PS4. As well as the regular slim 1TB and 500GB consoles, we stock the PS4 Pro, able to deliver 4K graphics and enhanced gameplay. To get started, check out our range of PS4 bundles, including a console with the latest top PS4 games.

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