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If you are after a sleek and minimalist finish in your kitchen, built-in appliances are absolutely the way to go here. And we've got you covered with an array of stylish and space-saving designs from leading brands including Beko, Bush and Hotpoint. So, if you've decided that it's time for an upgrade and it's an ultra-contemporary look you're going for, take a look at our full range.

It goes without saying that a fridge is an absolute must-have to keep your food fresh. To make the most of the space available in your kitchen, why not go for one of our integrated undercounter fridges? And if you've got a larger household or you just want a little more space, go for a full-length fridge freezer like a Hotpoint integrated fridge freezer instead.

For convenient cooking - whether you're whipping up some scrambled eggs to go with your toast or heating a microwave meal after a long day at the office - a microwave is the ultimate solution. We've got lots of counter top options and sleek built-in designs as well.

Whether you're planning to situate yours in your kitchen or you've got a dedicated utility room, washing machines are a household essential. If you're all about energy efficiency and you want to keep your bills down too, we've got an array of quality models with an A+++ rating. For extra convenience and those times when you need to get some garments clean and dry quickly, go for a washer dryer. Or if you've got the space, choose a dedicated tumble dryer.