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For a sleek, minimalist look in your kitchen, browse our built-in integrated appliances. A run of utility appliances can go unnoticed when tucked away, so that you can keep a uniform finish to your kitchen. When fitted correctly to a water supply, washing machines can easily be slotted in underneath a counter. The same goes for a washer dryer or tumble dryer, as long as you allow for their ventilation.

If you’re inspired to update the whole room, take on a fun project and treat yourself to a newly fitted kitchen. Take the opportunity to upgrade to the latest models with the design, colour and finish exactly to your taste.

When planning a re-fit, start with your top priorities, such as cooking food – and storing food. Browse our fridges, and decide between a gas cooker or a range cooker. The first gives instant heat; the second gives you a larger cooking space, ideal for families or dinner parties.

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