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The kitchen is the hub of the home, a social meeting point, and where meals are prepared and eaten. The right appliances make all the difference to the joy of cooking, so chose them with the main chef in mind. The size of your kitchen, fuel you like cooking on, and how many do you cook for are all relevant questions. With our large number of appliances online, with detailed information such as dimensions and energy ratings, you’ll be able to nail your choices from the comfort of your home.

To keep food fresh and minimise waste, a fridge freezer is indispensable. Frost-free versions make maintenance easy, and come in a range of sizes from compact under the counter options to large American fridge freezers with water and ice dispensers. When choosing a cooker, there are electric, dual-fuel or gas cookers options. If you have space why not indulge in a range cooker, and a dishwasher to make cleaning up easy. Practical appliances can be fun too, and with the retro kitchen coming back into style, replace your white and steel appliances with a splash of colour. The retro kitchen section in retro gifts has colourful appliances, from large fridges to microwaves and coffee machines which will add fun and joy to your kitchen.

Laundry day can seem a chore in any household, but with the right appliances on organisation, you can get though it in a breeze. If you want to make the most of your laundry room, a washing machine is an essential, and we have models that have half load options for smaller households, to large wash capacity ones for the larger family. Washer-dryers and tumble dryers will make light work of laundry especially in the winter months when you just can’t hang the washing outside.

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