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Why Buy At Argos?

Get your workshop in order with our range of DIY tools and kits. A fully loaded tool belt or caddy box means you'll always be prepared for your next DIY task. Wondering what to get your partner for their birthday? Boxed hand-tool kits are a unique gift. They contain all the spanners, drivers and pliers you'll need for most household tasks.

Electric drills with a multi-pack of bit sizes makes preparing pilot holes quick and simple. Hand saws are useful for precise woodworking, while electric-powered cutting tools make bigger tasks easier to complete. Add tape measures, set squares and spirit levels to ensure the accuracy of your finished DIY project.

By using long reel-out extension leads and surge-protected sockets, your power tools can be used wherever needed. A waterproof reel will also come in useful on camping trips, giving you power even when you're going off the grid. Just don't forget the torches.

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