Outdoor games

Why buy at Argos?

When the summer comes we know that your kids will be itching to get out, so we have collected a range of outdoor games to keep them active and occupied. From our garden games to our outdoor sports equipment, we have everything you could possibly wish for. We have bubble machines that will entertain your kids for hours, hoppers and pogo sticks to keep them active and to build their balance.

Take our Nerf guns for example. A safe way for your kids to inflict warfare on each other, these soft guns will keep them running around and help improve their stamina and dexterity. We have traditional play equipment such as slides. In a variety of sizes and suitable for all ages, these are a classic – no garden should be without them. For stimulating fun there is nothing better than our ball pits, and if the summer is hot then you might consider our range of premium Bestway paddling pools, the closest you can get to that swimming pool experience.

If your kids need a place to escape to, our playhouses will give them their own space. From castles to cottages, we have a number of options to suit whatever they’re into. Finally, there’s nothing better than a kick-around to bond with your kids, so why not grab one of our footballs – it’s the obvious outdoor activity.

You’ll need somewhere to store all this equipment of course. Why not check out our range of sheds to find your ideal outdoor storage solution.