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Whether it’s birthday time, a Christmas present, or just for a special treat, you can bring a smile to your child’s face with one of our dolls or playsets. These kinds of toys go way beyond visual appeal. Kids will naturally indulge in imaginative play for hours at a time with these immersive playsets. We’ve got whatever your child wants for playtime, be it the classic favourite Barbie, a Disney princess or newer must-haves such as LOL dolls,

Sometimes kids want to build their own fun, which makes LEGO ideal and LEGO Ninjago has become one of the top ranges, with a spin-off cartoon making it a favourite with school age kids. If they’re already into video games then LEGO Dimensions creates an interactive world where physical Lego interacts with a virtual world of fun and adventure.

For tiny tots grab some Play Doh so they can create things with safe, non-toxic dough that can be reused again and again. Just be sure to put some covering down on the table or floor! Of course, playtime must come to an end at some point, so make sure you have a toy box for storing everything safely until the next session.

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