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Take on the power of nature with Argos' selection of lawnmowers and power tools. Gardens can feel overwhelming to deal with when they get a bit overgrown, but with the right equipment, any job is easy and the sooner you tackle it, the better. Whether it's for work, or you need to take down a tree before the roots start to threaten the foundations of your house, get one of our chainsaws. Grad a hedge trimmer, tidy up an overbearing bush, claim your space back and then deal with the garden debris by putting it through one of our garden shredders. 

If you're concerned about where all your new tools will go, why not get a shed for storage convenience. Sheds can also be a particularly handy unit to store all your other garden essentials such as shears, garden forks, hoses and tool bags – you name it. Asides from your gardening tools, it also makes a great space for storing bikes, and it saves you from storing them in the house in the winter months and muddying up your beautiful home.

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