DIY tools and power tools

Which project are you tackling?



Knowing that you have a variety of tools and power tools at your disposal makes starting your next DIY task easier. Adjusting that fixture is only a matter of minutes when you have all the different screwdriver sizes you need.

Saws both manual and powered – get you going on that woodwork job. Electric angle grinders are handy for cutting or de-rusting metalwork. Even putting up shelves is a much easier task if you have drills with bits that can tackle masonry. You'll have those shelves up before you know it.

Add a few extra accessories to your tool collection to make DIY tasks simpler. Step ladders are essential for working safely at height. You can secure the base and feel confident that you won't wobble over while using a hand tool. Head torches can be useful when you're working in dark under-stair cupboards, climbing into the loft or peering into drains.

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